Amanda Roberts



I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at age 31. I have 2 young children, I am a teacher, and I have an active lifestyle. I was not ready for how chemotherapy would change my everyday life. I went from someone with energy to spare to being tired and sick more often than not. I am extremely lucky in the fact that I received support from so many during my treatment. I have amazing friends, family, and coworkers…one of the many lessons learned during this experience. My biggest supporter in so many ways was my husband. I always knew I married a great guy, but this definitely proved it again. This man would get up early, get our children and me ready for the day, work his full-time job, come home and care for our children and me all night. There were days when I was of no help to our two very high-energy little ones, when he had to be a care taker for me and do every daily chore in the house. There were days, more than we’d like to remember now, that he would not be able to sit down and relax until after 10 pm due to all his new solo responsibilities. He never complained…. he just did what had to get done. This illness affected him just as much as it did me. I will always feel badly about that, but it also made me appreciate the wonderful man I married so much more.