Altagracia Jimenez

Living with MBC


I have been battling cancer since 2008. I have been very lucky to always catch it in time due to my persistence in getting scans. Long story short, I got it again in 2011, this time stage 2. I received chemo, radiation,  and hormonal therapy.  Now I have it again in 2018 – 12 lymph nodes,  all positive. My doctor was very upfront and, even though all scans and test were negative in other parts of my body, she started me on letroze and ibrance and for nine months I took this treatment. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and the cancer has gone to my brain and lungs and there is a humongous tumor in my neck now. I’m currently stage 4 metastatic. I had radiation for brain tumor and I’m going to start xeloda chemo pills. I’m very fearful about treatment because at this point it seems nothing works, so I’m not positive and I would like to hear from someone that had been where I am to get hope.