Aminah Kassam



Friend or Foe. Making Peace with my Breast Cancer

Hi fellow Breast Cancer people
My first diagnosis in April the age of 47was With 3rd stage ER positive cancer in my left breast. No Braca Gene. Mother had breast cancer at 50 and is now a ripe 83 yr old living life to her fullest. Bless her.
I went on to have a complete left breast Mastectomy followed by Diep reconstructive surgery. Did not receive chemotherapy as my oncotyoe results came ba labs low risk for chemotherapy treatment. Went on tamoxifen till date.
Recurrence occurred in September 2023 in left underarm lymph nodes and ajar in reconstructed breast. Go figure. After 2 surgeries to remove the cancer. I am finally starting chemotherapy in the 26th of this month.
What can I say.
It’s been interesting