Marianne Alexander

In Treatment


Not as hard as you think

I’m 35 was supposed to get married in April. Just got a new job and was finally on the right track or so I thought. January of 2024 a few days after new years I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, two weeks later metastatic spreading to my lymphnode and lungs. Currently im in treatment with chemotherapy every week and Immunotherapy every three weeks. CAT scan to see if chemo is affective this Friday.

I thought chemo would be the hardest part but honestly the hardest part was all of the doctors visits in the beginning and the uncertainty of not knowing.

Once you get through that chemo is not that bad, yes the side affects are crappy but if you find a good regime they are so manageable. Yes I still have sad moments and I cry or loose my balance but I never loose my faith and I also ask many questions and ask for support. This is a humbling experience for me to open myself up and not to hide how I’m feeling and I ask for things now. In the past I do everything myself no matter how challenging, not anymore!

And you can still do things you love, even though it’s hard to swallow just have faith, talk to others and do what makes you happy

I went for a hike on Monday! It was awesome. And I had some licorice the other day my favorite! Don’t give up, you can do it.