Amy Barris



18 years ago I found a lump on my breast when I was 41, almost 42. My husband and I have 4 children, all grown and married now. We have 5 grandkids. When I felt my lump, I had just had a clean mammogram. I believe it was my mother in law who took my hand so that I would feel the lump. My mother in law passed away from colon cancer in 97, my father in law from Lung cancer in 96, and our great grandma a few years before that from breast cancer. When I was diagnosed the words out of my mouth were, “but I’m not really a Barris”. As we know it doesn’t matter. Surgery, chemo and radiation and Tamoxifen, and Femara were all part of my treatment plan. 18 years later I’m blessed to have watched my kids grow up and start their own families. I have witnessed births of all my 5 grandkids, blessed to be married to my best friend for 38 years. Never let cancer define you and never give up. EVER. No One Fights alone.