Amy Brunton



I was 41. Recently divorced and raising a special needs daughter on my own. The initial screening turned to a biopsy that turned into stage 2 breast cancer. I spent the next 7 months with 2 lumpectomies, chemo, and radiation. It was a long hard 7 months. Two surgeries because the tumor was bigger than first thought. Chemo made me sick and exhausted and I gained weight. Radiation burned the crap out of my very fair skin. But I would never say I wish it never happened. I gained a circle.of new friends made from.wonderfully strong people who knew how to face struggles with dignity and strength. People who were okay when you had bad days and you just wanted to cry and scream and throw a tantrum. I learned so much from them. I became so much of a stronger person because of them. They forever changed me. This experience forever changed me. I have now had a chance to also advocate for breast cancer and go to Washington, DC and speak to congress on behalf of these women. That is an experience I would have never had before all of this.