Amy Curlings



It’s Hard

I was diagnosed in July 2014 and started my treatments. I am a single mom with 3 kids, work a full time job, have a son in football, and tring to be that cool mom. I am going on my 3 treatment but I am having issues with the chemo it is making me sick and just wanting to quiet. This is very hard for me to let my kids see me like this but I always tell them Im ok even if I am not. I try to keep smiling but it is so hard.I have lots of support!!! I have days where I can not get out of bed and it is not a good feeling at all. If i had one wish it would to have my man crush to hug me and tell me that it is going to be all better and I have more support behind me. John Cena I wish I could get a hug or a letter with some encouraging words to live by. I pray everyday that this will be over soon. I feel like I have change and my life is so different all I want is my life back to normal. Thank you for listen to my issues and my words I know that god has this so I am just going to keep praying ..