Amee Stein



No one really knows what strength they possess until they really have to dig deep inside of themselves and push through what seems impossible. I was 19 weeks pregnant and taking my 15 month old daughter out of her car seat to go into our mommy and me class. The phone rang and I picked it up without really looking. That’s when I heard those words. The words that changed my life forever. I am sorry Mrs. Stein but you have breast cancer. I had my right breast removed at 20 weeks and two weeks later had the first of my four AC treatments. I delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl about 14 days after my last AC treatment. Olivia had a full head of gorgeous brown hair even though I had none. When she was seven days old I began my taxol and herceptin treatments and just three days shy of her first birthday I celebrated my last infusion! I have had my other breast removed as well as my ovaries and Fallopian tubes all before Olivia turned two. This January I will reach my five year mark. As I reflect on this crazy journey I have been on what I realize is you never really know what you are capable of until you are forced to face your darkest fears. A person can do amazing things when their back is against the wall. Never stop fighting. Never give up. You can do this for you, your family and all the other women who stand I. Solidarity with you in your fight.