Andrea King



At 13, my mom got beat up by a school bully but also saved her life. My mom was diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma. Due to the radiation, she got breast cancer at 32,by this time she had me (daughter) her miracle baby due to her doctors said she would never have children. Being a single mom was hard working, going to school, and having to deal with cancer. Our family did everything they could to help with me and support my mom any way possible. She ended up having a double mastectomy. On top of cancer, my mom suffered from asthma and congested heart failure. 

I was very young but looking back my mom was such a fighter; she was always positive and said she had cancer, cancer DID NOT have her! She always put others first and never complained. She was in remission but the cancer had come back. Her oncologist was as she said her “second dad”; she trusted him with her life. I remember her getting a phone call at home from her doctor and she said “alright, what’s the plan?” Being a young teen, I was angry but not my mom. She stayed positive and just kept smiling. My mom use to juice fresh vegetables 3-4 times a day and not many doctors are for homeopathic stuff but hers were. They said it probably saved her life and to keep doing whatever she was doing and she did. 

My mom loved being a mom, aunt, friend, sister and nana. She was always laughing and smiling. She got to see me get married and got to meet her first grand baby. Being a nana made her the happiest . In 2012, my mom passed 12-12-12 at 11:11 pm with all her best friends and family surrounded her. She had a severe asthma attack and was only down for a min or two but her fight was over. She was in a coma for about 2 weeks and was only getting worse. Me and my aunt had a meeting with all her doctors and come to find out the cancer had spread to her lungs. My mom being my mom didn’t tell us. She didn’t want us to worry. The breast cancer had been getting better but with the tumors in her lungs she was having trouble breathing for the last few weeks. My mom is my hero and she loves sharing her story to anyone and everyone. One thing that got her through was staying positive and never giving up. God only gives his battles to his strongest soldiers! Mom, I love you and thank you for fighting as long as you could. You got your wings, mama; keep on flying.