Angela Baker



In 2005 I was diagnosed with Lobular Carcinoma in Situ. I had to make a decision very quickly as to what my best treatment option would be. I immediately began to think of my daughter Bayley who was only in the second grade. As I thought about this precious girl who had been in the making for many years, it took my husband and I 12 years of trying, I knew I had to make my decision quickly.  Since I was only 42 years old, I was given the option of a double mastectomy and reconstruction immediately. My exact words to my surgeon were, “Let’s do this ASAP so I can raise my daughter and be a wife to my wonderful loving husband.” Everyone cried except myself.  I knew God had a plan for me and he would see me through this ordeal. I went in for surgery on Sept 20th, 2005, and was told that reconstruction was underway. I felt so relieved because I had been in surgery for 9 hours. Once I was able to heal somewhat I began chemotherapy in November.  It was the worst and hardest thing I have ever endured. Through it all my family was what kept me strong and positive.  I finished chem in March 2006 and was completely reconstructed in May of that year. Since then I have been doing yearly check ups and doing very well. My daughter, now 22 years old, graduated college and got married to a wonderful loving man herself. She started a new job that she loves and is the most wonderful, loving, determined, and happy person in this world. I know God wanted me here for this reason. My daughter and husband and mother and family are my reason for living.