Anna Pierson



My Mom’s Fight

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2015. It really shook up our world as a family. How could MY mom get breast cancer and how could it happen at age 45? The questions were endless. The diagnosis process was dragged on for weeks, but after a while we got a clue as to what was coming. During these weeks, emotions were high. It was mentally and emotionally draining to wait for the results.

Finally the appointment had come where we would find out the diagnosis. The doctor explained to my mom that she had stage two invasive ductal carcinoma and ductal carcinoma insitu in her left breast. She was also triple possible. My mom opted for a mastectomy in December. What a long journey this felt like by the time surgery actually came around!! The day of surgery, our whole family was at the hospital. Surgery was a success and her surgeons could not have been better. During surgery, they removed both breast and put in retainers so they could finish construction at a later date. My mom was told she would need to do chemo and radiation. When she started chemo, after a couple of rounds, she lost her hair. She decided to shave her head and she looks like a superstar. She has so many scarfs to wear and she is just the cutest. She is currently finishing chemo as her last round is May 10th. After this she will start radiation for 4 weeks and then continue with the rest of the reconstruction process. My family is so blessed we have the ability to share a GOOD cancer story.

Throughout this journey, I have learned that something good will always come out of the bad things. My family is so much closer and stronger. We are lucky to have such an AMAZING support system of friends and family. That is so important!! From this experience, as a supporter my advice would be, to listen and encourage. When my mom would seem down, id have to be there to pick her up. Encouragement is key to emphasize. Help as much as you can too. After my mom’s surgery, I had to help her change clothes each morning and help her shower. As a teenager, that really opens your eyes and I’m glad I got to experience that. If my mom would give a piece of advice she would say to get your mammogram (a 3D one if possible) because it saved her life. Cancer is an issue that is near and dear to my heart now. To all those women out there fighting the battle, YOU CAN DO IT!