Anne Taku



It Changes Everything

Sixteen years, and two reoccurrence’s have passed since my first diagnosis of Breast Cancer. 


My life, today, is now the “new normal,’ however my journeys through Breast Cancer changed everything in my life, every time!  And the new normal is always challenging.

What gives me strength is my Faith, my Family, and my Garden!

My faith in God gives me answers, as He is the Only One who truly knows my heart and soul.  The journeys have altered my body so much after the countless surgeries, chemotherapies, radiation treatments, that even I am, still, emotionally healing from them.  I am comforted by knowing that God created me, and that this is only temporary here on earth.

My family is my purpose.  My husband and sons are always there for me, caring and compassionate, they hold me up, feed me the family strength, and support, I need. 

I found that after each diagnosis, my current life at the time, shattered and broke like puzzle pieces on the floor around my feet.  After the treatments, appointments, and healing were over, (well, it’s never over), I looked down at my past life puzzle pieces and found that every time I tried to put a piece back, so to speak……I realized that it didn’t fit.  The shape, the color, the size, had changed.  Even some pieces were never needed again.  The healing journey, I feel, is the toughest part of being a survivor.  I have found new opportunities and activities in life.  I attend a women’s cancer support group regularly, and volunteer for the same organization, with gives me strength in healing and a connection to others. 

My garden is my passion.  I receive so much energy in designing, landscaping, and planting!  Sometimes, I sit still amongst the beauty and “watch it grow.”  I marvel at the tender petals, shapes, and colors, of the flowers.  I stroke the beautiful verdant leaves as I walk by them.  I know….that may be a little weird, but I’m enchanted by the beauty and energy they give unconditionally to anyone who recognizes their strength!

Another life strengthening experience was being selected as one of the, Susan G. Komen, USBC Bowl for the Cure, Fabulous Four winner for 2015!  My 3 ‘sisters’, Chelsea, Tee, & Angel, are amazing women!  We all have had BC, but each one of our journeys is so different.  For me, to meet, and learn, from them was an honor I will always remember, and cherish, in my heart.  Komen / USBC, received, and showered, us with love and compassion the very first day!  Not to forget the tons of wonderful items and services, that was so generously given by them and their sponsors!  It truly was an amazing, fabulous week!

However, most important, is the advocacy and awareness of Breast Cancer, Susan G. Komen and USBC, truly care about, and, truly live by.  I am honored to be acknowledged by these two great organizations fighting to find a cure. 
I am three years from my last reoccurrence, and my health is well.

I wish you well…