Bernadette Sumter



I found my lump myself. I called my dr’s office the next morning to schedule my mammogram. I had an ultrasound and the mammogram. The radiologist was pretty sure it was cancer. I went for a biopsy that Friday. I found out that I had breast cancer. I think I was pretty numb but I decided I would fight with all that was within me. My cancer was a stage 1b. I had a lumpectomy on June 12th 2017. My results came back with no clear margins. I was rescheduled for a reincision. That also came back with no clear margins. I felt so defeated. I had my mastectomy,and stayed overnight in the hospital. I had 5.5 weeks of radiation. I am now cancer free! This has been a journey and always will be. I had the support of my wonderful family and friends,and coworkers. Without them them this would have been much harder. The one thing I can say is God never left me. He was right there. I had an awesome medical team through everything. My nurse navigator was there for every surgery and procedure! There is so much more I would love to share but I will say you can survive this! Have faith and push on though!