Bernadine Lucero



I wanted to share my story with breast cancer. My name I bernadine lucero, im 33 years old and I have stage 3 breast cancer. I will start with i found lumps in my breast about 6 months after I had my baby in September of 2014. I didn’t jump on getting checked because I was so busy with work and 5 kids that I didn’t find time. But when I seen my grandmother in the hospital due to her stage 4 cancer, I got scared and got checked right away…it was the worst week of my life. On March 6 I went to work, to find a paper on the door saying that they were closed. I lost my job of 4 years. With no notice,but a last check handed to me. 2 days later my doctor called and told me my results were in, and that i had stage 3 breast cancer. I couldn’t believe it. I have 4 girls and a stepson. What am I going to do now…. my husband works. But it’s hard for him too because he has to take me to treatments and take care of me and the kids when I’m sick, due to the chemo. This is everyday life. This is no joke. Cancer takes over your life. But you can’t let it take over your heart. Please everyone going through this. Stay strong. Keep fighting. Because we will not let cancer win. And to the surviors you are my heros. My inspiration to keep fighting. I thank you. Thank you for hearing my story.