Brandi Lafleur


I am a Champion

Late September I went to my dermatologist to remove a mole as it was right where I wore my heart rate strap. I also needed her to check the bump on my right cheek. She barely looked at it and said I had basal cell carcinoma. It was checked and I had it. Then a skin check and I had another one in the left crease of my nose. Surgery was scheduled October 7, 2020.

At the beginning of that month I did my monthly check in the shower and felt a small lump on the upper right breast. I still felt it that evening and the next morning. I received a referral from my Ob/Gyn for another mammogram. I was diagnosed stage 1 October 21, 2020. I am also a triple positive. I had 6 chemo beginning in December to April, lumpectomy May 7, 2021 and radiation full month of August.

Even though I went through all of this I continued to work and walk as exercise. I am now receiving Kadcyla for the HER2. I had so much help from family and friends. That helped me stay on the positive side.