Bryon Densley




The woman that changed my life

My story is about a wonderful woman that I was so lucky to have in my life…even before she became my mother-in-law. I was 18 years old finishing up High School outside of Salt Lake City Utah. I was having questions of where I was going in my life. Susan helped me with that. She pointed me in the right direction and it changed my life forever. I was lucky enough to marry into the family.

A decade or so later Susan would get breast cancer. It was hard on everyone, but she was always so happy. So excited, and I’m sure it got her down, but she just didn’t let it stop her from enjoying life, and her children, and her grandchildren. She fought it and beat it. And for about 5 years it was okay. She ultimately would get it again, and fight it to the end.

But what I learned is how to face things we fear, but not let it affect us. We can still have joy in our lives. She was always so positive and up lifting. I think because of this she was able to stay so strong, and keep beating the cancer until her body physically couldn’t keep up.

I appreciate Susan in my life and for contributing to the man I am today. I love my mother-in-law for so many reasons like my beautiful wife, showing us how to be strong, how to stay happy, how to serve others and bring joy into our lives.

Thanks for all that you do, and thanks for the charity and what Susan G. Komen is about. I know it helps people like my Susan, and future Susans that have to go through this same thing.