Caitlin Brockway



Living with breast cancer has been one of the most mind-numbing, eye-opening, fear-conjuring, bipolar experiences I have ever had to face in my life. I tell my friends and family, I don’t need help. I don’t want it. I am independent. I am a young adult. I don’t have TIME for help. I refuse support groups. I refuse gofundme. I don’t advocate myself. I refuse fundraisers. I don’t tell social media about my battle at all. I hide in the dark. I am scared. This is so personal. Why should I parade around showing the world how sick I am on the inside? Especially when I feel so FINE on the outside. My story isn’t worth parading. I can’t be an inspiration for others. I am constantly second guessing myself. 

Reality finally reaches me… 

It isn’t just about me. It is about the support of others facing just as excruciating battles, as I am. Even though the road is uncertain. Even though my battle isn’t over. Our words are meant to be spoken. We are meant to stand up and voice ourselves for encouragement. We need to fuel everyone who needs a little pick me up along the way. We need to show them, they are not alone. They don’t have to hide in the dark. You aren’t any less of a person for being sick and showing weakness. We all have weaknesses. Admitting this won’t doom you into being weak forever. Keep pushing forward and show everyone how you can be strong again. Show everyone you won’t sit down and take a beating. You will stand up for yourself and for others. This journey does not have to be walked alone. We are here, open-handed, waiting for you to join us.