Carmen Nieves

In Treatment


still processing

One day I was checking my breast and saw a dent under my breast but didn’t pay much attention, thinking that it was nothing to worry about. I completely forgot about it. I went for my mammogram on August 7. I was told to go home and doctor will call you. I said to myself this is so strange, they usually said see you next year but this time I felt so different, like scared. Then that Monday I got a call, you have to come back for another mammogram/ultrasound, that’s when I said this is serious. Well it was, after that it follows a biopsy, which show my invasive cancer it was small and curable he said. I had surgery 8/27, 1 out of 3 lymph nodes came back positive. Now I am waiting for my oncologist to tell me what is the next step. I have been praying so much and still processing this diagnosis. Faith move mountains.