Carole Rule



Thank you for letting me tell my story… I’ve always been on the other side of the fight for a cure. Donating, walking, volunteering when I could. Supported friends and family through tough times and coping with this horrible disease. Now the struggle has become my own with a diagnosis in October… thanks to a very diligent employee of Ellis Fischel Cancer Hospital. I missed my first appt for my yearly mammogram and quite honestly wasn’t going to reschedule my appointment…was even relieved because who willingly wants to go through getting their breast smashed? To the point that it’s actually very painful for me because my body already feels bruised all over. Long story shorter…this lady called me from there and rescheduled the appointment and I thought it really was a waste of time😓 I had it in my head that breast cancer was hereditary and no one in my family, no history what so ever, yes other cancers, but not the dreaded breast cancer. Yet a couple of days later I got that call to come in for a rescan because something was found that wasn’t there my last mammogram… shocked me to the core then I returned to denial because I’ve always had fibercystic lumps that had been diagnosed years before so that was what it had to be or they just didn’t get a good x-ray. Well I was terribly wrong… October 24 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and something immediately hit me that I’m having trouble with still even after chemo treatment and getting to ring the bell… Even all the cheering didn’t take away the fear that this is not over…by a long shot…thank you all so much for letting me tell my story I desperately need to talk with others and get out of this hole I’m stuck in. Sincerely, Carole L Rule