Carol L. Dellinger




I am 47 years old and live in Spokane, Washington. I have run 234 marathons, but most importantly, I am a recent breast cancer survivor! I was diagnosed October 2009 with DCIS and had a complete right breast mastectomy on November 9th. I chose non-reconstruction so I could get back to my active lifestyle more quickly.

I am finished with all treatment and am looking forward to celebrating life cancer free! I am ranked 3rd nationwide among women for marathon finishes as there are very few women runners who have finished over 200 marathons. I was the first Northwest woman to reach 200 marathons on June 4, 2006 when I completed the Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon for my monumental 200th marathon finish. I became the youngest female in the United States to reach 200 Marathons as well. I have been running a marathon every 2-4 weeks for the past 18 years and finish them all in the 6 hour range.

I have spoken nationwide at various marathons and organizations, motivating people to get fit and lead healthy lifestyles. I am also very active in the local running community, training and speaking to beginning marathon runners. I am also active in the Spokane Police Departments Citizen’s Academy, and volunteer with my local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

I am just an ordinary runner doing something a little more extraordinary than the average women marathon runner. I have a very energetic and likeable personality that everyone enjoys from the minute they meet me. After spending a few minutes talking to me you will be motivated to run a marathon, or become an active individual.