Catrina Crutcher



Fighter with Faith

My name is Catrina Crutcher, I am 37 years of age. I was recently diagnosed on June, 15, 2021. I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer Stage IIIB. This diagnosis came at a complete shock for me because honestly I never thought it would/could happen to me. I know we all have that thought about ourselves, but when something like this happens in your life it can absolutely bring you back that you are human and anything can happen to you just like anyone else.

Prior to my diagnosis, I was sure, I was doing everything right to prevent any type of cancer to enter my body. I became a vegetarian, exercised 5 time a week, limit alcohol, no smoking, use plant base products, and I even became a certified personal trainer. Yes, all these things have been beneficial and still are, but what actually brought on this disease was the unknown knowledge of genetic mutations.

My doctor ordered a genetic testing that confirmed that the gene was a variable within my family. I was then placed within the category of BRCA1 Positive. This means for me that breast cancer and ovarian cancer can be present in my body during some point in my life. So, the steps I will need to take will be removal of both breast, and ovaries for preventative measure of my life going forward.

All of this is still new and I’m in progress of chemotherapy and proper game plan with my care team to win this battle. However, I also have the best game plan with God! This is an obstacle I am going to win and I’m glad to share my story for other women to hear that cancer can be known or prevented through knowing your family history by getting a genetic test. I had never heard about a genetic test, but glad my doctor ordered because it has allowed me to help other women in my family with another resource available and proper self exams.

This was God’s plan for me to help my family and for us to become closer. I am proud to be an advocate for them and other women with this journey and after. I have my days of fear, worry, happy, sad, but I know God didn’t bring me this far to leave me. He has not come this far to leave any of us. Keep the faith and allow him to lead you in this journey to help one another. We are all sisters in this fight together and God wants us to trust him and love each other.

I just want women to know “hold on a change is coming, and we are going to make it”.


Fighter with Faith