Chelley Williams




I was diagnosed at the age of 39 with the Stage 3 HER2+ breast cancer. I am a wife, mom and was a business owner of a small town pharmacy. I had felt a tingling sensation here and there for a few months and while on a trip to Disney I felt a lump. I had just had a mammogram where everything checked back normal and the doctor released me for 6 months and asked me to call if I experienced any changes so in 2 weeks, I called.

Things went from there, ultrasound, to MRI to biopsy etc. As soon as I was diagnosed I began the TCHP regimen for 6 rounds every 3 weeks. I was surrounded by the most amazing family and community who constantly lifted me in prayer, as well as the best oncologist. Every day was a challenge being weak, sick and tired. I wanted my kids to not worry so I made sure to remain positive! We had some rough patches along the way, but after Chemo I had surgery and then radiation. I ended up having some microcells left behind after surgery, so we decided to move forward with Kadcyla for 18 rounds. I am so thankful for the research being done at Susan G Komen, as I am certain these advancements have saved my life. I am a year out of treatment and am living my best life. My hair has grown, and my kids are growing and I want to make sure that I use my story as a way to give HOPE to any women that is newly diagnosed and fighting their battle.