Elva Swan

Living with MBC


I was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic breast cancer on my son’s birthday July 19, 2018.

After chemo, came surgery, removed lump and 12 lymph nodes and 9 of those were cancerous. Then burnt me up with radiation. Pet scan in April, 2020 results were “No signs of metastatic disease.” I was so happy thought i had kicked cancers butt.

Early In September, the surgeon felt something . By the end of September another surgery. This time out of the 12 lymph nodes removed, all 12 were cancerous. Just had another pet scan. The cancer is back in my breast. And has spread to distant places. I can try chemo again or approximately 6 months.

Family is saying ” you have to take the chemo” but they are not the one that is sick and in pain everyday. I wish I knew what to do.