Georgia Coleman



I had a mass removed in the left auxiliary area and lymph nodes. I then did chemotherapy and then radiation. July 2010 was my last radiation. I did mammograms and did monthly checks. They found nothing so I thought I was in remission. I had no CatScan, MRI, PetScan. done. I was going to college and was doing well I thought. Till I had a asthma attack that put me in the ER THAT’S when they did a Xrays and found a mass!!! My life totally changed since then I have done another round of chemo which didn’t do it. So now I do a maintenance chemotherapy every other week. I stress about this some days. I also have Fibromyalgia and neuropathy which is very painful and the medicine you have to take with the side effects. I’ve siblings but don’t see them often enough. Have a boyfriend who has been here through it all. But seems lately as HE’S angry I can’t did some things I use to. Which I am stressed out already but I have found myself going into a deeper depression. How do I get him to understand the different diseases that I now have. He says he looks at me as a normal and says I’m just lazy cause I can’t walk the distance I use to. That I have medicine I can take etc. Yes I am very fatigue but he doesn’t understand that.