Heather Todd



It is a privilege to be part of an organization that is filled with people who have such focus, drive, commitment and, more than anything, compassion. When I tell people about Susan G. Komen for the Cure, I start with the mission, but soon segue into the emotion that is felt at each meeting and that can not help but be felt at the Race for the Cure®— it’s overwhelming.

I started volunteering in 2002 because I saw an article in the local paper calling for volunteers. I wanted to get involved in the community and was familiar with the Race for the Cure. There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities and I started out where many volunteers do, folding t-shirts and helping out with odd errands, as needed. Five months after the 2002 Race I received an e-mail asking people to join the volunteer committee. I signed up to help and really began to get a taste of Komen for the Cure.

Last year the Affiliate held a Service of Hope at the Race. Local churches volunteered to provide “mini-sermons” and music contributing greatly to the already spiritually charged atmosphere. It says something about Komen and the people involved that in a crowd of 18,000 plus, there was a feeling of togetherness. Something that made you want to hug the stranger next to you because you knew that something great was happening. Even though the answer, the cure, has yet to be achieved, it will be achieved and there is hope.

I will continue to volunteer because of the people who work so hard to make a difference. It is their dedication and drive that inspire me. By volunteering I have become more familiar with my local community, and with over 700 volunteers I get to meet a lot of great people from all different walks of life. A definite bonus for me!