Irene Edwards



Carol Anne my eldest daughter, a true warrior, lost her battle with breast cancer after 10 years in remission.

When re-diagnosed Carol was determined to do all the things she had envisioned. She took singing lessons and became an entertainer. She took art lessons and became a true artist. She traveled to Europe and made new friends. She gave the word “warrior” it’s true meaning as she fought for 2 years before loosing the battle.

She was and continues to be an inspiration to those of us she left behind. We will never forget her passion for life, the lessons she taught us, her laughter, her compassion, her joy of life. Her legacy lives on in the more than hundreds of lives she touched throughout her lifetime. As Carol Anne’s mom, there are no words to describe our time together.

We shared an intimacy like no other. Now her very best friend and one of her caregivers is fighting her battle. It would be so fitting to spend a weekend with her “as her second mom.” She lost her mom only recently.