Jason Hyche

In Memorial


The Big C

My mom, Kathy Harbin, was an inspiring lady who’s sweet spirit strengthened others and made other people better. My mom left a legacy of faith for me to live by. My mom meant the world to me. She was a parent, a friend, a teacher, an example for me to how to live my life and someone who inspired me to strive for holiness. The Book of Galatians in the Bible talks about attributes of one who is in love with Christ, otherwise known as the Fruits of the Spirit. These fruits are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. These attributes sum up my mom’s qualities. She was all these things and more to me and to many others. My love for her grows deeper everyday and I long for the day I reunite with her in Heaven. My mom was invested in people and showed a deep concern for others. Mom was well liked because she demonstrated a genuine care and love for others. She was truly on angel on earth.

My mom passed away from metastatic breast cancer. Everyone fears the big “C”, cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about 15 years ago. Instead of making her “disease” about her, she used it to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. She believed that the big “C” was not for cancer, but for Christ. See it’s all about perspective, she knew without a shadow of a doubt, that Christ would ultimately either heal her here on earth or would bring her to her Heavenly home. Instead of fear, she decided faith, instead of uncertainty, she chose trust, instead of insecurity, she chose destiny. Cancer can be a platform in order to show the awesomeness of our Creator, cancer can be used to show how Jesus is the way-the truth-and the life. My heart is broken for myself over my mom’s passing, but my soul is thrilled that she is walking in true healing, for she is in the presence of perfection, in Heaven. Cancer was already defeated back on the cross, it’s all about perspective. The big “C” is for Christ, remember that, survivors-cosurvivors, families, friends, coworkers- our battle is already been won. Use your burden for His glory.

This picture was the last Race for the Cure that Mom walked in. The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure day was always an emotional day for both Mom and myself. It was just a special day for myself and mom for so many reasons. The emotions that I felt that day was the same as I had felt every year before that on race day: hope, joy, peace, family, unity and togetherness. Certainly I was emotional for my mom because she was living with metastatic breast cancer. This day also represented happiness because everyday that is lived with metastatic stage four breast cancer was a reason to celebrate and to be thankful. I also felt and continue to feel strongly for all the women there dealing with breast cancer. More than anything, my tears on this day represent two things: First, joy – I felt joy because my mom had been guaranteed a home in Heaven by Jesus Christ. Mom and I both knew that eventually she would have true healing – either here on earth or ultimate healing in Heaven. And secondly, my tears represented the sadness that I felt and continue to feel for the women there without real hope that only comes from reconciliation with God through salvation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 2014 Race for the Cure in Birmingham, AL is a day I’ll never forget. I am thankful to Komen for providing this memory.