Jeanie Burt

Living with MBC


Hello Everyone,
I had a mammogram July 16, 2020. To which I was told I have a tumor at the bottom of my breast nearest the chest wall. Then a ultra sound to confirm that. After that I was scheduled to have a biopsy that was so horribly painful that I’ll never do that again!!! Then to surgery sept 2020 for Lumpectomy. Two weeks later biopsy results conclude more cancer cells beyond markers, so more surgery to remove more tissue that was called partial mastectomy. Then started chemo therapy, Taxol, Herceptin, Projetta for Her 2+. I had this therapy for 5 months, and then had scans in March 2021.

The results were that the cancer doubled in the liver and more nodules in my lungs, ribs, femur, spine, hips. So I started new chemo at end of March, which consists of Kadcyla chemo, every 3 weeks and Letrozole oral every day. Zometa every 3 months for bones. I have severe neuropathy in my hands and feet. My toe nails are starting to change in color drastically and are falling off. I feel a little better on this therapy than I did on the last one!!! So many side effects with last one. Tomorrow I go for another treatment, and also Zometa. More scans scheduled for June, and another mammogram, ultra sound next week.

I lost all of my hair after about 3 weeks of Taxol, it was 3 feet long!!! I had it cut up to above my shoulders. Since then with new treatment my hair is growing back, my mouth doesn’t taste like metal all of the time, no more mouth sores, just the neuropathy continues to be my major side effect, weakness and bone pain. My family, my new Grandson, and my 2 year old granddaughter and friends keep my outlook on life positive no matter what!!! My biggest concern is how long before I need to start getting my things in order – will, life insurance beneficiaries, my house, etc.

I feel really good most of the time, but so concerned as to when life is going to throw me a curve ball, and I just want to be prepared for everything so my family doesn’t have to deal with my final decisions, arrangements. My oncologist told me last year that my approximate life expectancy would be 5 years, but then after my scans in March she said my time was less, so I’m just worried about taking care of everything and having enough time to do it all in.

The saddest part of this is looking at my family in the eye and trying to be strong so they won’t be sad or pity me. I told them all I don’t want anyone to come to me and cry or be sad!!!! Only make the best of time and be happy. They can cry in private. I don’t feel sorry for myself so they don’t need to either.

My Care Team is so fantastic. The minute I walk into the center the secretaries are all so positive and caring, then onto the Nurses that do my labs through my port. The nurse in my oncologist’s office takes super good care of me. My oncologist and or nurse practitioners are all informative and care, they really listen to me and give me honest answers when I ask them even the hard ones. So no matter what time frame I’ve got left, they did their best to help me through my journey.