Jennifer Krummen Wibbelsman



My name is Jennifer Wibbelsman & I’m a one year breast cancer survivor. My journey started on 1/23/2015. I went for my yearly mammogram as I do every year. They called me back for a diagnostic mammogram on 1/30/15. I found out on 2/6/15 that I have breast cancer. I was devistated. I had a lumpectomy on 2/26/15 & had 2 lymphnodes removed. Those tested positive for cancer. I started 8 rounds of chemotherapy on 3/26/15. 4 of A/C & 4 taxol. I had a wonderful care team of doctors & therapists. Through my treatments I met this patient who was a great encourager. Half way through my chemo treatments, I wanted to quit. My support from my family, church & work family & my faith in God got me through each treatment. On 7/20/15 I began 6 weeks of radiation. I had a wonderful team of therapists. I continued to hang onto my faith & my wonderful team of supporters. My last chemo treatment was 6/30/15 & last radiation was 8/28/15. I had a CT scan on 10/14/15 & it came back clean. I got the best Christmas present ever on 12/22/15 when I was told that I was in remission. Through all of this I’ve learned that God was in control & he would take care of his daughter. My encouragement to other survivors is take care of yourself & lean on your faith. To all the other women out there get those mammograms, it could save your life. It saved mine.