Julie Delgado

In Memorial


As a professional singer, I was on top of the world—traveling the globe singing along with every “A” list artist you could name for the past 30 years.


I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer on January 20, 2010 while embarking on a world tour with Grammy award winning artist, John Mayer. That was five years ago to be exact. I thought my life was over and I wondered why this was happening to me. This was not a family trait. I am the first woman in my family to experience this disease. I went through six months of chemo and two months of radiation along with surgery. My cancer was gone.  One year later when I found it hard to breath as I was walking my dog Reggie, my mom rushed me to the hospital and we found out that the cancer had gone to my lungs. Later, I found that it was in my brain and bones as well. So, five years later, I stand with Stage IV metastasized breast cancer.


I have learned that I am a strong woman, as I suddenly found myself speaking and singing in front of countless cancer organizations across the country about my cancer experience and encouraging people going into the same process. I feel that my experience singing around the world led me to this place. I never dreamed I would be here.


With God and my savior, Jesus Christ, He has kept me through this ordeal. My life has surely changed.


I have a strong support system consisting of my mother and two sisters at the helm along with my dear friends and my church family.


I know that God is keeping me here for a reason and when He reveals this to me, I will know. Until then, I will stand strong and do his work, being a testimony and a walking miracle to so many.


God has blessed me with the gift of song and I am happiest when I can use this gift to uplift those in there time of need.


May God bless you and keep you and KNOW that YOU can make it. This is my prayer.