Kendra Rowles




I had my first mammogram last year (it was late since I have fibrocystic breast disease and eight women had/have breast cancer in my maternal and paternal families). I got it only because I had weird lump near my breast bone that was longways, unlike any cyst I had. It was misdiagnosed twice. I got another opinion. I had stage 2b triple negative breast cancer. I was floored.

I have had great treatment, but I still worry about the disparities. I am a person that steals up for myself and would not go on with treatment unless I trusted my team. I guess I did okay because I was diagnosed March 9, 2022 with an orange sized tumor, and was cleared by pathology last week after my mastectomy and reconstruction two weeks ago. Cancer free!

People think I made this look easy, 43 years old and I have a 9 year old. But before this, I got my bipolar disorder and alcoholism together six years ago. (Also genetic) . I had medication and chemo interactions, but my resilience and being healthy helped me through them.

I don’t know how well I would’ve made it without my previous skills. I already had a psychiatry team , so that was a plus. I was in therapy from day one of my diagnosis.

My total treatment cost is almost at $1million. I find that disgusting , especially for those that can’t afford it. I was set blessed during my battle. I did not read or research, or connect with many people….. but that was recommended for my mental health.

Now that I am clear, that is not the case. I am reaching out, advocating, researching disparities, posting breast cancer information daily , and trying to get involved in any way I can. I keep my research down to Susan G Komen and the American Cancer Society.

And another thing I would say is make this YOUR journey. As you can see , I had to take care of two other disorders while battling the scariest one of my life. But I made it out still sober and still stable! So do what’s best for youWe all are different yet alike . I pray for each of my pink sisters everyday , and for Komen for being such a great organization that we can run to.!