Towina Jones



Faith forward!

Being diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years ago was one of the most shocking things I have ever faced in life. Fear immediately tried to grip me, but because of my strong faith foundation that had been cultivated years prior to this trial, it did not get it’s grip on and take root in me.

From mediport placement to chemo to radiation and everything in between, I held on to my faith. I have no doubt that this was instrumental in my process. I was optimistic about my outcome because my faith assures me that whether I live or die, it’s going to work in my favor.

Either I get to live and glorify my Lord and Savior or I get to go be with Him in that glorious place. I saw it as a win win situation. That perspective kept me “faith forward” on the good days and on the rough days; and trust me, there were many rough days. Thanks be to God who graced me with victory!