Kimberly Williams



Kimberly Williams was a 29-year-old manager for a multi-billion dollar company when she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in the fall of 2009. Her treatment consisted of a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy. In 2013, Kimberly Williams had a recurrence in the same side of her breast as she did in 2009. She underwent another round of chemo therapy and for the first time she underwent radiation therapy. Because Kimberly is a young survivor, she decided to have her eggs frozen so that she may have the opportunity to have children one day. Today, as a five-year breast cancer survivor her focus has shifted to raising awareness and educating young women about breast cancer through her personal journey as a breast cancer survivor.


In a short period of time, she has emerged as a dedicated activist. In addition to her work with educating young women about breast cancer, she has participated in breast cancer survivor photo shoots, speaking engagements and Susan G. Komen races to help raise awareness.


She is also a Susan G. Komen Circle of Promise Ambassador, a group designed to engage African American women to help end breast cancer by fostering awareness, support, empowerment and action; she encourages all to treasure your chest.


She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Mount Saint Mary’s College.  An avid volleyball player, she has dedicated herself to living a healthy lifestyle and has encouraged numerous people to do the same.