Kirsten Landry



Beautifully Blessed

This is my mom, Penny, beautiful as she is you would never think shes been sick her whole life. At just 15 she was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma.She was one of Mary Bird Perkins first patients.This was in ’79 I believe. Come ’84/’85 she had a major surgery.Her spleen,apendix,and gaul bladder.She found out shes severely allergic to Morphine,she nearly died.Then again in 1998 she found out she had Thyroid cancer.She had them removed,and I can remember her staples in her neck and how me nor my older brother could even see her due to the mega dose of radiation she had to have.Years later, in 2008, she had a bleed on her brain.Was in sicu for two weeks then,had to give up her job as manager of four years,a job she loved dearly.Shortly after in 2010, had to have heart surgery, a valve replacement. Only to find out open heart wasn’t an option due to her heart being calcified. So they had to go in through her groin and change her aortic valve. Now,in 2014,we are preparing for a double mastectomy November 5.This woman is a true survivor.Never losing faith in the Lord,always believing in his will.My mom is my hero. After all shes been through shes still manages to stay beautiful on the inside, never bitter,always with kind words. I envy her strength and determination because i personally would have been given up. I just wanted to share her story and hopefully inspire someone in a similar situation,not to give up. To keep on pushing and always believe. My mom is my best friend, and my other half. My world would be turned around in an indescribable way if something was to go wrong. I ask please that you all would keep her in your prayers as she goes in on the 5th. Thank you!