Kretcha Roldan



A journey

I was diagnosed on Dec 2021 Ductal Carcicoma in situ. Stage 1. Estrogen Positive Receptir. I had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. Right now I am part of a clinical trial for 5 yrs taking Giredestrant. I couldn’t have done it without the unconditional love an support of family and beautiful friends from church, the YMCA and neighbors. I was especially grateful to all of them
Especially during Chemotherapy!! I am learning to love myself again, because I did not like who I see in the mirror for a long time. But I am struggling with my new image! Cancer has changed me in many ways- but one thing I know is that God has been faithful and keeps showing me his grace. Another important advice for my Thrivers- survivors friends keep moving go for a walk, do yoga or a dance class! What ever it takes to move your body! Do not GIVE UP! Surround yourself with people who loves you and keep your spirits up. Seek a second opinion if you do not agree with the first one. Know that you are not alone and that they are other women who are praying for your recovery!!

Keep reaching all women from all walks of life!