Laurie Langston

Living with MBC


Wow, I thought I was having a tough time until I read some of these stories! I was diagnosed in June of 2017. I had just had a heart attack in March 2017 and was still trying to get a grip on having chest pain and shortness of breath all day, every day.

My blood pressure was up and down and the anxiety was awful. I turned 59 on June 7, 2017. The night before my birthday, I had a gut feeling and proceeded to do breast exams. At first there was nothing but then I leaned forward and felt again and there it was, a lump the size of a large grape in my left breast. At the time, I worked for an OB/GYN and called him the next morning (my birthday) and he immediately ordered an mammogram and ultrasound. From that point on it was non-stop.

I had stage II HR+ Her2- with one lymph node +. I opted for partial mastectomy and due to the recent heart attack and the fact that my lab test showed the chemo would only help me 2%, I chose NO chemo. I chose NO radiation because of the heart attack and having a defect in my heart, I also have COPD and after researching the radiation side effects I knew that was not for me!

I took the Arimidex for 2 months and was so sick I couldn’t bear it so I stopped that. The oncologist at Moffitt told me that all the hormone therapy drugs were basically the same and to try Tamoxifen but the side effects of that was worse. In Oct 2019 I was having excruciating low back pain so I found a different oncologist at Florida Cancer Ctr and he ordered a Pet Scan which showed bone mets, I now take Ibrance and Examestane and it’s working!!

Tumors have shrunk and the pain is manageable. I thank God for this Dr and my wonderful family that puts up with the mood swings and gets me through each day! My advice, follow your gut!! Don’t let any Dr lead your treatment. Do the research and decide for yourself. God Bless you All!!!