LeAnn Winton



I’m LeAnn Winton And I Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Earlier This Year, And When I Told My Two Children There Hearts Broke Especially My Son Alex. Then He Went to SmackDown On May 10th, And He Saw Natalya And Stephanie McMahon On The Susan G Komen Commercial, He Got Home And Showed Me And I Had To Do It, To Help Raise Awareness For All Of Us That have Breast Cancer. My Sisters And My Daughter Started An Awareness Program For Me And Other Breast Cancer Survivors. Luckily It Was Only An Early Stage Diagnoses. And My Son’s Class Mates Started To Make Cards And All Sorts Of Stuff. And It Was Especially Hard On My Husband Kevin Mentally,Physically, And FINANCIALLY With Tons And Tons Of Medical Bills, Morgage, Water Bills, Electrical Bills, And Everyday Spending.