LaVinya Coleman



Just found out

My mom is a breast cancer survivor. I turned 40 in November 2014, my insurance with my job started in March 2015. I began my yearly health check ups. I told my doctor that I have leakage from my breasts every month. So she scheduled me a mammogram. My first one on the same day turned to a sonogram and that turned into them wanting to do a biopsy. I put it off, I didn’t want to know. My doctor finally said I have to go. I went the next day they called and said yes it was positive. I cried dried my tears because God didn’t bring me this far to forsake me. It’s stage 0-1. Caught early but harmone positive. Hmmmm what does that mean what kind of treatment? What kind of side effects? My sister in-law broke every thing down for me. I’m looking like ugh a pill for 5 years I can’t even take my blood pressure medicine on time. Jesus you healed the sick, lame, blind, pulled demons out of people so I know you can work a miracle in me. Jesus just touch the people hands mind body and souls that’s gonna be working on me. I’m not afraid of this. I’ve centered my life around Jesus so my life is according to God will for me. This cancer is not bigger than my God. I still smile everyday. I still worship and praise God everyday. I refuse to be depressed by this the devil is a lie. I go into surgery July 7 2015, with no burdens on my heart. This will be beat!