Lorraine Robertson



It took me some years to tell my story to the world. I went into denial and shield off any information about .my breastcancer to anyone including my loved ones.. I was upset and asking God why me? I almost gave up in life because I felt people would look at me in a different way and so on. I couldn’t think positive about my situation, my mind was all over the place. Believe it or not, I was a very strong person when I was taking chemotherapy treatments. My doctors or nurses would ask me “have you told anyone or anyone in your family yet?”. My reply was always mo. I told them I have God and my medical team and that was enough. They don’t understand they, my medical team really helped me get through my chemo treatments and more. I just needed time to myself, time for me to think about my life. I know i could of had a stronger support team of family and friends but i needed time for me to process this alone. My advice to anyone would be to tell your loved ones. Don’t cheat them out of the love they have for you. It’s easier said than done but it’s facts of life. Having breastcancer and being a survivor has really humbled me more. I met so so so many great “Pink” friends.. I love them all and so inspiring to one another. I now try to help others to open up and not go through it alone. Some have lost their lives by doing that. I now understand how you can help the next person to become a survivor I know no one is perfect buit I still must say “no one is perfect”. Opening up can save a life.. Breastcancer survivors should always share their story. It’s healthy. I am a breastcancer survivor, I truly “ROC” I stand tall and send my love to all, we fight together, we’re stronger together and we can thrive together. I encourage all to do your own self exams…. it wasn’t the doctor that caught it. It was me and I learned how to detected it through resources and my doctor on how to examine yourself. So please take time out to help the next person that is diagnosed with breastcancer. Share your story, you never know who heart you may have touched. I shared my story and reached close to 2000 people that responded or kept the inspiration going from other survivors.. Sharing is carrying,.