Lucinda Leaks



I was diagnosis with stage two breast cancer in October of 2013. I had found a knot in my right breast while I was in the shower. I did not think nothing of it, but to be on the safe side, I decided to tell my doctor on the next visit. When I did , he sent me to have a mammogram. I had not had a mammogram in years. When I went for my mammogram, they did an biopsy of my right breast and told me to come back in for the results. I was call on the telephone a week later and was told that I had stage 2 breast cancer. I guess I was in shock. I could not believe it. I didn’t cry or panic. I took the news and begin to tell my family. The first one I told was my husband. He said ‘ well we are just going to have to deal with it. Then I had a family meeting with my sisters and brothers. When I told them , they said that they would be there for me. Everyone else that I told was very understanding ad said prayers for me. I said that I was not going to let cancer beat me, I was going to beat cancer. My attitude did not change. I was still the happy and out going person that I had always been. Everyone help me though it. My chemo went well, and my radiation treatment did to. I had family members going with me to my appointments and my husband was right there by my said. There were a lot of peoples helping me to keep my spirit up. Not a day went by that family and friends were there for me. The most important part of my story is that I always put God first. I never did ask why did this happen to me. It was something that was written down in my book from the almighty God and he was the one that guided me thought all of the therapy that I had to go though. As of October 23, 2014, I am cancer free. With believing in what God can do, all things are possible. I keep the faith and gave it ti God to take care of me. So I think it is good to have your family and friends to help you and always put God first.