Lucille Flowers



My Mother, Lucille Flowers, had her 100th birthday on October 19, 2019. She is from Gordonville, Texas, but currently in an assisted living facility in Sherman, Texas. She was diagnosed in 1965 with breast cancer and had a breast mastectomy followed by radiation treatments. In those days the treatment was harsh and primitive compared to todays practices. She was 45 years old when she had the surgery and has lived 55 years since her treatment. I am sending this as a story of encouragement to others who are going through the cancer treatments as there is hope and life after breast cancer. My Mother is still doing well and currently living in an assistance living center in Sherman after falling and breaking a hip in July. She had one hip replacement ten years ago when she was 90 years old and recovered quickly. She is a fighter and enjoys her visits with family and friends.