Nancy Frazier



I moved to Charlotte in August of 2007. New life, new job, my physical and mammogram can wait, I thought. Late July 2008 I finally made time for a physical and my new physician found a lump. And after scans they found more. HER2+ and by September I quickly had a mastectomy and 5 lymph nodes removed, (which were clear). This can’t be happening to me with no family history. This isn’t fair. Well, you know what, life isn’t fair. Ok, just fix it, do whatever it takes so I can live. TSH Chemo with the Herceptin continuing for a year. It wasn’t fun, but you can do it! You have to do it! You can’t give up! How you handle this can help your own daughters, friends and family who may one day face the same thing. Be strong, dig deep and push on through. Before long you will be on the other end of treatment looking back with such a feeling of gratitude. I’m alive! I have new grandchildren that I could have missed meeting. I was here to help take care of my dad before he passed away. I am alive when many are not, and I will be forever thankful. I passed the 5 years out from the end of treatment marker last fall! Be strong!