Nancy Perez



My Pink Journey

On January 29 2015 i was diagnosed with breast Cancer Ductal Carcinoma stage 2 . I’m 43 yrs old I have 2 wonderful kids , an amazing husband , great family & friends . How could I forget this day; however, instead of asking why? Which I haven’t yet! I was determined to fight for me because my job here as a mother is not done. I want to live to see things beyond the picture I have !

The next day I had to schedule all my appts no time to waste every minute counted for me . I had a mastectamy done 17 lymph nodes removed which only one was positive . Thank you God .. I’m in this roller coaster of feelings but I can do it . I have faith in God & I never doubted him. I’m also speechless with my support system YOU GUYS ! Every appts ,results is a challenge for me but I’m a fighter I can do this I have the attitude , I’m positive & I have faith. I was asked how do I feel talking about cancer? I can think about it ! But to me I have the answer right away NO not at all I didn’t ask for it why should I be a shamed . If it happen to me it can happen to anyone else. Just be aware of your body and be persistent with the doctors when you know something is not right like I did ! My tumor was by my collar bone but it went to the Breast. My recovery has been tolerable I feel amazing & more sexier than ever ….. God is Good & life too! I have met many great people along the way . But if any of you go through it! Which I hope not just remember you are not alone … Continue living your life to the fullest & keep your mind positive at all times . It’s okay to cry and express your feelings too. Because they won’t know until they are inside the same roller coaster as you…. I’m scheduled for my next surgery next month & today I’m feeling better than ever because my Breast never defined me as a person, im still sexy , womanly & overall Me! You learn, you live , & you love! You appreciate life & others more & what really matters in life ! I’m living the moment.