Nicole Trujillo



I had a dream wedding exactly 5 months ago. Who would have imagined we’d be here today? How can everything change in just an instant? That voice inside me, kept reminding me… make an appointment, it’s been a few years and I could use a check up. So I made an appointment but the week of, I canceled. Why waste my (and the docs) time when I wasn’t hurting? So there the voice was again, “make an appointment “. So I did. Dec 21- he found a lump in my right breast. January 5 mammogram and ultrasound can’t confirm it’s not cancer. January 7 biopsy day… so I was told labs would take a couple days. Two days later my worst fear came true. I was told I had invasive ductal carcinoma stage 1. I didn’t understand anything that was said to me after hearing the first few sentences. Cancer is all I could see or hear. I was numb. My husband and my mother sat beside me we held each other and cried. I have a friend who has been there for me who had a double mastectomy and chemotherapy last year. She insisted that I call her breast doctor and I am so glad I did! I was able to be seen within a few days and I felt at ease with how this doctor and staff treated me and all though they were informative they didn’t make me feel hopeless. My doc ordered a few more tests and we had a follow up, she suggested we do a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed within 3 weeks of my diagnosis. I am now cancer free!!! Still recovering and will be having radiation treatments starting in March. I have a new look on life and I want to live and love and do all I can for other women who are in need of hope in this battle. I know my fight wasn’t as bad as some and I am very thankful I want to extend myself and my story to inspire others to have faith.