Paola Ramirez



I felt a lump in my breast back in 2016 but I thought it was just fat. I don’t have family history with cancer and people would tell me that cancer wasn’t painful so I went by it I didn’t do anything about it. Months passed by and I felt that it was growing and getting bigger so Feb 2017 I went to make an appointment with my doctor but they didn’t give me an appointment till May 2017 they thought I was okay and because I didn’t have family history I thought it was just a cyst. They ordered a biopsy and 2 days later I got the news that it was cancer. I got diagnosed with stage 3 Ductal breast cancer. When I got the news my whole world just fell on me I couldn’t believe it my family couldn’t believe it. I’ve done one set of chemo and I’m doing more chemo now I’m going to get surgery after three more chemos. It’s kind of hard sometimes when you see that mostly all of your friends your age are having babies and going to school and you are fighting to get better. I try not to get depressed. I know God is here with me and things will get better.