Penny Farris



My Story

I was 41 when I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma invasive and lobular carcinoma in situ on June 27th 2014. I went in for my first mammogram and was called back for 2 more. Then came 2 biopsies in my left breastfeeding where the cancer was found. I didn’t have a lump or any change and would not have known if I hadn’t gone in for my mammogram. I had microcalcifications. I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. My surgeon informed me I also had 2 suspicious spots in my left breast so I definitely made the right decision in having them removed. I was stage 1 grade 2 and was fortunate to not need chemo or radiation, just tamoxifen. I put my mammogram off for a year because cancer has always terrified me. My suggestion to everyone out there is to just get your mammograms. Early detection really does save lives. It saved mine. To those recently diagnosed, lean on God, your faith, and your family. Think poilsitive and be strong, because being strong is our only options. To all the survivors, YAY we are true survivors. And to those who have lost the fight, may you rest in peace and know we are all fighting for a cure