Ree Williams




Taking a deep breath, once again, and digging down deep in faith!

When I was told that I needed to have a biopsy, I knew that the results would be breast cancer. I could tell by the look in the doctor’s eyes when he came in after my mammogram, to give me my referral for the biopsy. Suprisingly, I wasn’t phased. I understood, clearly, what was happening, but, I wasn’t phased.

When I told my family, I insisted that they they didn’t allow this news to overload their minds and that we were going to continue to have faith, no matter what.

You see on February 2, 2018, we lost our oldest daughter, unexpectedly. Since her passing, I’ve gotten a bit more clear on life and my reactions to life. I’m not cynical, I’m more faithful. I’m more understanding of God’s plan, that I don’t understand – I don’t control, but I, with mercy and grace, have to live, survive and thrive in.

I got my results back and it came back Stage 0.

I feel good. We’ll move forward. And what helps me through it all, is continuing to be grateful for life and the blessing of holding on to God’s unchanging hand.