Renee Ross



I am not a survivor of breast cancer. However breast cancer is the most widespread cancer in African American women and my age group (under 45) has the highest incidence of the disease.  I am surrounded by friends and family who have had breast cancer, some survived and unfortunately a few succumbed to the disease. 

This is why staying fit, active and making healthy food options is so important to me. Studies have shown that living a healthy active lifestyle will help decrease the likelihood of breast cancer. I will take every preventative measure I can to stay healthy! 

I am also committing to keeping my annual mammogram appointment. Truthfully, this year was my very first baseline mammogram but it was long overdue. I kept putting it off – perhaps because of fear but not because of ignorance. I know that most African American women are diagnosed with late stage breast cancer and limited rates of survival but with early detection they could have survived. 

I am committed to taking care of myself and informing others. I owe it to myself and also to my sweet seven year old son. I want to everything I can to stay around to see him become an adult and hopefully I’ll become a grandparent!