Whitney Robinson



At the doctor for an ear infection at 42, wow I haven’t had an ear infection since I was little. While making small talk with my doctor, it came to me that I haven’t had a mammogram in years. By the way, I am not only a breast cancer survivor but I am the daughter and granddaughter to breast cancer survivors. Anyway, I ask my family practitioner if she would mind scheduling me a mammogram. With much surprise in her voice, she asks if I was having problems. I assured her that I was not, just being cautious with my Mom and Grandmother both being breast cancer survivors. I just thought I better stay on top of things. The hospital called the next day and got me in quickly. I went by myself for the appointment and I was reluctant to get the new 3-D imaging mammogram because of the added cost. But something in my gut told me to bite the cost and go for it. So, I did. Thank God!

Two days later, Friday, I get a phone call at work saying they had found a small mass in my right breast. My heart skipped a few beats and my breath felt like it was taken away. After I hung up and composed myself, I called my husband and parents telling them of the news. More mammograms, an ultrasound, and a biopsy. Then a lymph node removal and lumpectomy confirmed grade 4 stage 1 cancer. My world crashed. For only a moment though. Pick up and fight. I have 4 beautiful children and a wonderful husband and parents I need to fight for. MY BABY IS GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL! I have to be okay for him. I will not miss his graduation.

When my Dad was a Senior, his Mom, my Grandmother, was battling breast cancer and had a single mastectomy and missed his high school graduation. When I was in high school, my Momma had breast cancer. I remember the fear I had when I learned of her cancer. I have a wonderful Oncologist Dr. Davis. He and I shared the same opinion when it came down to what type of treatment I would choose. I chose a double mastectomy with reconstruction. May 10th, I had my surgery and I am doing great. I will walk into my BABY’S HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION TOMORROW NIGHT.