Robin Elliott



I remember the moment I heard the words “You have Breast Cancer”, I felt like a ton of bricks just fell on me, I was shocked, couldn’t believe it, and just went blank. I’m not even sure if I heard anymore what the doctor was saying, I just thought it was a misdiagnosis. Then the most dreadful thing was how will I tell my children? The doctors gave me options, what was next, and the process I would be going through. I left the hospital and took the longest ride home at least it felt long, so many things went through my head. I wondered will I survive this, what is Chemo, will it be painful, WHY ME? I went to most appointments alone I didn’t want to worry my family with it; however they were there when I needed them. I had to accept what was put before me and remember family/friends were there for me and wanted to help and that I shouldn’t shut them out. I had now taken the first step getting the port put in my chest, after that I remember being at an appointment one day, I overheard another patient going through it. She was nervous and upset talking with someone she came in with, the whole time I’m thinking about how nervous and scared I was. I guess she must have been just diagnosed, I listened until my name was called, I walked over, touched her hand and showed her my port, I smiled and I told her it will be okay really. That’s when I realized YES it will be okay, I’m stronger than this it WOULD be okay and that I am going to FIGHT for my life. I needed to get through this for myself and my family I started chemo and that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks again. My hair started coming out in globs in the comb, I cried I didn’t want to comb it anymore. I thought if I stopped combing it wouldn’t come out anymore. I now had to get through this part, I was depressed didn’t like wigs so I wore a scarf all the time, my skin was getting darker but I had to go on, I couldn’t let this defeat me either. Oh yeah did I tell you HERE I AM SEVEN YEARS later!!! I can’t stress enough how important it is to have regular MAMMOGRAMS. I’m living proof. Thanks for letting me share my story! Robin